Its not an application,
it's an ecosystem.

Navayo Group - The Proven Choice of Governments

Today’s software-based encryptions might come with a favorable price tag, but they only project an illusion of safety. The Navayo Group is a cutting-edge IT research and development company. with 60-strong engineers devoted to our complete ecosystem of highly encrypted security and privacy products, all of them hardware based. We deliver encrypted data and voice communication based on patented key exchange mechanism and encryption to all those who need discretion on the digital frontlines of the 21st century. Navayo Group has government and military customers in 4 continents



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The ultimate security on the go

Cross platform encryption working on Android and Blackberry.
The first hardware encrypted security and privacy system for Android.
The first independent hardware encrypted security and privacy system for Blackberry.


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Control is yours

The Secbox Portable model of the Navayo Secbox series is a portable data encryption device with encrypted throughput that provides communication for a single user or a smaller LAN. The Secbox Portable is ideal for encrypted communication via VoIP phone, email, video streaming and data sharing with other trusted endpoints. Biometic authentication secures the device from unauthorized access, while dual USB sockets enable easy expansion and data sharing on a network secured by cutting edge encryption algorithms.


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We put the PRO in Protection

In a Navayo MVCN™ any two MVCN™-abled devices are capable to communicate with each other, in a peer-to-peer fashion. In large organizations, however, you may need a central, high-speed, rack-mountable MVCN™ device in your data center. This is the Secbox Rack.


Privacy 1st Class

Do you need secure communications in a remote area? Satellite Sleeve is a handheld user terminal for Secfones that provides secure satellite connectivity at L-band where terrestrial mobile networks are not available. Our goal is to deliver secure communication (voice, text and data), wherever you are. The Satellite Sleeve is the perfect choice for government officials and operators (Navy, Aeronautical and Army) as well as commercial users working in remote areas (oil rigs, research facilities, etc.).


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The Omnipresent Solution

Manageable Virtual Closed Network (MVCN™) is our patented proprietary network communication technology developed to ensure secure peer-to–peer communication between devices at the endpoints of a network.